On a time machine

I realise it's been far too long since my last food escapade and no, it's not because I've stopped eating (oh, the horror in that!) but because I've gotten a little swept up in trying to get my life back in order after the drama that was Spain. With that said, it's been a wonderful summer and I expect that it's about to get even better now that I'm back home, new camera in tow.

At the end of second year, I realised how little of the UK I had actually seen so this summer, I decided it would be hard work on weekdays and weekends dedicated to being adventurous. I had never heard of The Cotsworlds until a casual conversation with my colleagues over a picnic lunch but it seemed like just the perfect region to visit for the quintessential English experience.

Everything seems to be of miniature proportions - doors and windows are smaller, ceilings are lower and with streets filled with teashops and people lounging around on the grass, it felt as if we had hopped onto a time machine instead of a local bus.

A lovely summer's day is never complete without ice cream. Creamy, with crunchy butterscotch bits - butterscotch ice cream at it's very best.

We simply couldn't leave Bourton-on-the-Water without sitting down to tea at one of the many tea houses. With warm, buttery scones, clotted cream, jam and some of that English tea we all know and love, it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Quaintness, charm and a healthy dose of summer sunshine, nibbles and good company - that's the reicpe for the perfect summer afternoon.

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