A Thosai Brunch at Saravanaa Bhavan, Bangsar

Brunch really means having the luxury of time; the luxury of not having to to wake up at the crack of dawn to battle rush hour traffic; and for someone who has a weekday morning routine that allows all of five minutes for breakfast, the luxury of having breakfast for as long as she wants. It isn't surprising then, that deciding on what to have for brunch involves quite a bit of thought. It's serious business.

The parents came home one Sunday morning raving about a thosai breakfast that they'd had with their friends in Bangsar, peaking my interest (yes, "thosai" is one of my magic food words). It wasn't until a few weekends after that, though, that I finally paid the restaurant a visit.

Saravanaa Bhavan
52, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar.
Tel: 03-22871228

The dish that came highly recommended, paper thosai. Deliciously crispy and light, served with an assortment of chutneys - it's no wonder that every table had at least one of these.

Onion rava thosai - rava thosai filled with an aromatic mix of onions and potatoes.

The absolute must-have here is the bru coffee. I'm always a little apprehensive about coffee as there's that little fear that what I'd get is coffee flavoured milk (thats overly sweet!) instead of coffee with milk. It's become a habit to for my coffee orders to come with a whole string of adjustments: "kao, kurang manis, jangan banyak sangat susu, ya". I was too distracted by the plates of paper thosai surrounding me this time and ordered my bru coffee without the all important string of adjustments. Ahh, but I really needn't have worried as it came absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of everything. Yes, perfect.