Getting the dosa fix

I think we've established the fact that food can make you do crazy things, go the extra mile shall we say. It makes you get on the bus on an extremely hot Sunday afternoon, at the very peak of summer to travel for double the time on weekdays.

Yes, crazy things.

Chennai Dosa

Chennai Dosa is a chain of South Indian restaurants, famous for it's thosai (or dosa, as they would call it) and idly. As creatures of habit, we usually head to the East Ham branch for our fix and this time, it was no different.

To start, idly soaked in a generous amount of sambar or South Indian vegetarian curry.

There is an incredible variety of dosas to choose from and I have to admit, making the choice is really quite difficult. While they do have a selection of plain dosas, I've always found the ones with filling more interesting, and for good reason I think.

The mutton masala dosa - dosa stuffed with dry lamb curry and potato masala. I'm a lamb person when it comes to Indian curries. The robust, earthy lamb flavour and the wonderful mix of spices gets me everytime so it's no surprise at all that after some extensive "hmm"ing over the menu, I settled on a lamb infused dosa. All dosas come with a selection of chutneys and sambar, with the coconut chutney being my favourite. The onion rava dosa is a good one to try as well.

To wash it all down, mango lassi for me and a salted lassi that's always Sapna's choice.

Whether you call it dosa or thosai, Chennai Dosa is a great place to go when you crave the simplicity of the mamak stall.

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