Of cake and cobble-stoned steps

Covent Garden is one of those perfect summer spots - cobblestones, street performers and a lovely atmosphere. What's even better is Covent Garden on a Saturday when the Real Food Market operates at the piazza. We found ourselves at the very centre of the market on a whim one sunny Saturday afternoon and the boys immediately went starry eyed at the sight of the cakes and pastries.

Real Food Market
Covent Garden Piazza
Open: Saturdays, 10.30am - 6pm

It's at times like these when it seems to be all the more clearer how much life is wrought by difficult decisions.

With stalls selling everything from toffee and frozen yogurt to cured meat, paella and artisan breads, the market is all about delicious aromas and the tempting sizzle of the grill.

We joined the rest of the sun-seekers and settled down on the steps of the piazza, frozen yogurt, cakes and pastries in tow. I have to say that this would probably be pretty high on my list of best things to do on a weekend because really, few things are better than a good piece of cake, some good music, sunshine and the feeling that you have all the time in the world.

Photographs are courtesy of Shaun


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