Chicken, for the soul

What do you do when a meeting that was supposed to be short and sweet turns into a three-hour headache-inducing struggle with the letting agent? You head to a nearby Nando's to blow off steam over a jumbo platter and bottomless frozen yogurt.

The jumbo platter - 2 whole chickens, 2 servings of chips with PERI-PERI salt, garlic bread, coleslaw and creamed potato. It's nice to go somewhere tried and tested, especially for a little comfort food. The Nando's over here is slightly different from the chain back home and it's not just the level of spiciness that's different, it seems to have a different concept altogether. As always, the chicken, accompanied with the different types of PERI-PERI sauce (I like a mixture of a few - the extra hot and herb variety go particularly well), was a tummy-pleaser but we also really enjoyed the chips with PERI-PERI salt and creamed potato.

"I really couldn't pull it out!!"
-Diana, justifying the "flop"-

"Was it really big or something?"

Frozen yogurt is always good but bottomless frozen yogurt? That's just a whole different level of happiness altogether. One refillable cup of vanilla frozen yogurt, five forks and a spoon - that's the way to go.

There's nothing like sharing a meal with some friends to take your mind off things. Sometimes, that's really all that the soul needs.

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