In Ecuador, apples are orange

We were told to make sure we got on the right bus on the first try as it gets "a bit messed up" the deeper you go. It was an extremely sunny afternoon, the type where the sun is right in your face no matter where you turn. We had spent the early part of the afternoon finding our way around Elephant and Castle (being told to "please board the right bus!" really didn't help with the anxiety) and were extremely hungry by the time we got to our destination, a friend's house in (what seemed) like a quieter part of the area. The only thing that had been driving us all through was the thought of lunch at the Ecuadorian restaurant that Anusha had told us so much about.

We went for some (of their) local bottled juices, 3 different types which the lady kindly picked out for us. Believe it or not, 2 out of the 3 were apple juice, and none of them were quite the conventional colour! Pretty soon it was just "Please pass the pink" or "Swap you red, for orange?"

In Ecuador, not only are their apples orange, but they have laksa, too. This was a tuna-based seafood soup that was a dead-ringer for the Laksa Pahang, only missing the noodles. I've always been under the impression that clear soups can't fill you up but this one was loaded with all kinds of seafood and really filled us up, even when shared between the three of us.

Mixed seafood with rice. It quickly became clear that Ecuadorians seem to really like their seafood. The menu was seafood-dominated and all around us, tables were filled with people tucking into their seafood dishes. The generous portions meant that we could hardly move after just 2 dishes shared between the three of us.

Sure, it probably cannot compare to some of the amazing seafood that we got recently in Malta but over here, where seafood is a rarity (or too much for my purse to handle) this is a good place to get your fix.

I really can't wait to go home, where seafood is fresh and in abundance. 3 weeks and counting!

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