When the company makes up for it

After some scouting around, we decided on Melur, the Malaysian Restaurant located just down the road from the more popular Satay House for our Malaysian Society get-together.

Melur, Malaysian Restaurant with Bar
175A Edgware Road, Paddington, London W2 1ET

We settled into our seats, in a little area that was reserved just for us. We were a hungry bunch and with the pressure of exams weighing down on most of us, we wanted more than anything for food to be served so we could get right down to it.

"I hope the portions aren't small"

Unfortunately, whoever said that had her (and no, it wasn't yours truly) worst fears come true. The portions were not tiny but they didn't look like they were enough to satisfy everyone of us either.

The evening started off with some cucur udang, which was a nice choice for a starter. None of us could remember the last time any of us had cucur so we dug into the crispy cucur quite gleefully. Cucur always brings back memories of evenings back home - sitting in the kitchen waiting in anticipation with the smell of cucur frying filling the air. Such treats they were back then and I have to say that even now, I still can never say no to cucur.

"It tastes like salt and coconut water"
-Anusha, being painfully honest about the chicken curry-

Sayur masak lemak. This seems to be a feature at most Malaysian dinners nowadays. While the bowl was still pretty much cleaned out, we've definitely had better.

We hoped that dessert would be somewhat redeeming and to a certain extent, it was. Banana fritters with syrup was a pleasant (and rather Malaysian) change from the chocolate-dominated desserts than we tend to go for usually. We did agree however, that vanilla ice cream with it would have been a nice touch.

After dinner, we were left feeling less than satisfied and by this time, conversations had already picked up across the table. Suddenly deciding that we were in no rush to head back (to the open pages of the book waiting on our respective desks), we took a walk to a place we knew we could always count on, McDonalds.

And that's how we ended our evening - squeezed into a booth too small to fit all of us, McFlurries in hand, talking about everything under the sun. On retrospect, we did achieve what we set out to do - we finally got our chance to get to know each other, something we had yet to do till then despite being in all the same classes for the past 9 months.

While most of us probably felt that we didn't get our money's worth that night (what with the McFlurries being the highlight of the meal), we still went home satisfied. I guess some things you just can't put a monetary value on.

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