With a spoonful of honey

I developed a slight fascination for honey a couple of months ago after discovering that it makes an interesting addition to pretty much anything. After scouting around (I also discovered that it isn't one of the cheaper condiments in the supermarket), I finally got a jar from Tesco and for a couple of weeks immediately after, proceeded to use honey in any way that I could.

I experimented with the stuff I knew already, generally, just to see how different everything would taste with a spoonful of honey added to it. The honey stir-fried noodles was something that I particularly liked.

Noodles (I used instant noodles
Capsicum, cubed
Mushrooms, sliced (I used fresh closed-cup ones)
Large onions
Sweet cos leaves

Oyster sauce
Soy Sauce
Black pepper
Ground basil

The noodles should go into some boiling water, but for not too long because you want them just slightly undercooked. Soggy, sticky noodles are something I like to stay away from. Once the noodles are about halfway done, drain the water and set aside.

With a little oil in the pan, saute the onions, and add to them the capsicum cubes and mushroom slices. Add the soy sauce, oyster sauce, black pepper and ground basil to taste. Once the capsicum and mushroom bits are about cooked, the noodles come back into the picture - add them to the ingredients in the pan along with the sweet cos leaves and about a tablespoonful of honey. Some taste adjustments would probably be needed at this point - I usually go a little crazy with the black pepper. Give everything 2-3 minutes and the noodles are ready to go.

I have to admit, oyster sauce, basil and honey seem like a rather odd combination. Sometimes I think that I can't help but get the western and eastern influences muddled up - it's as if I cannot escape adding a dash of Asia into everything.

What can I say - you can take a girl out of Asia but u can't take Asia out of a girl.

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