The 200th Post, Holiday Foodsteps: Reuben Hills, Sydney

And it's the 200th! I've always been amazed by how big a part food plays in our lives and this blog has really just become a log of memories, all packaged in the form of food stories. That's 200 food stories shared, 200 memories captured, and all of them equally special to me. So here's to more food adventures and the good times that always come hand in hand.

I like the idea of cafes and coffee shops - they always imply long conversations and leisurely sipping coffee (or tea, whichever your preference is). The great thing about it is that it doesn't even matter what sort coffee shop it is - the same concept of slowing things down applies whether you're in a kopitiam having roti bakar and white coffee or a cappuccino at a cafe. I know I'm not alone when it comes to having a soft spot for these places - for one, the queue in front of Reuben Hills on a Sunday morning definitely confirms this suspicion.


Reuben Hills
61 Albion St 
Surry Hills 2010

Having heard so much about the quaint little cafes (and their notoriously long queues) in Surry Hills, we knew that we simply couldn't leave Sydney without being part of what I think inspired the coffee/cafe scene in Malaysia. We picked Reuben Hills based on a recommendation by a local and arrived to join the queue mentally prepared for the wait. And yes, we did wait - and for 45 minutes, no less.

The cafe is the type that envelopes you as soon as you step in - the amount of activity that goes on in such a small space is quite impressive.

Despite all the hustle and bustle, they seemed to be able to calmly churn out pretty cups of coffee - something which we really quite appreciated. Smiles and happy faces in spite of the rushing around. 

  Chorizo grits with baked corn tortilla chips, queso fresco, beans and avocado

The Dirty Bird - spiced grilled chicken, tomatillo salsa, cheese, pickles, chipotle aioli on brioche. Yes, I have to admit, we ordered it because of its name.

Berkshire ham, manchego, rocket, tomato & red pepper chutney on rye

A cup of long black, dad's go-to. 

A cappuccino that tastes as good as it looks - to add a spring to your step. 

A "let's have dessert for breakfast!" type thick, creamy espresso and white chocolate shake for the young, and young at heart. 

The coffee made you want to sip and savour it slowly and the food, with dashes of Mexican flavours here and there, made for an interesting brunch. Sure, the wait for a table was rather long - but I think it just goes to emphasising how Sundays are really just not meant for rushing at all, especially if you're standing in queue catching up with a friend. What I thought was most interesting as a tourist, though, was how different "cafes" are in different parts of the world despite all centering around the same idea of coffee, bites and enjoying the feeling of having time on your hands and no, I've never seen an interpretation of the idea that I haven't liked yet (although, I think I would prefer there not be a queue ;)).

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