Holiday Foodsteps: All Things Chocolatey, Sydney

I thought I'd kick off the new year with a dessert-y post - because what's better than a bit of chocolatey warmth and fuzziness for the new year, right?

We were delighted to discover that Sydney is almost overflowing with all that warmth and fuzziness - the city has a remarkable amount of chocolate cafes and all of them equally enticing.

Max Brenner, Westfield

When a Chocolate Drinking Ceremony is featured on the menu, you know that you're in good hands.

We'd had a particularly difficult time looking for a place for dinner that evening, having overestimated the opening times in the middle of the city so Max Brenner seemed especially comforting after our rather rushed meal at the Westfield food court. 

A sight for sore eyes (and tired legs!) - a hug mug of hot chocolate.

The chocolate souffle, with a healthy dollop of vanilla ice cream.

The Spectacular Choc-Fudge Brownie Sundae, which came topped with crunchy caramelised pecans to provide some extra texture. Beware - melted chocolate served on the side extremely addictive, even after all that ice cream.
So yes, come rain, come shine, come early closing hours - chocolate always knows how to make you feel better.


The Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Darling Harbour

The Lindt Chocolate Cafe overlooks the marina and has a lovely atmosphere on a summer's evening - yes, it has a lot going for it, and we haven't even gotten to the chocolate yet. We had just caught a pretty spectacular display of fireworks, leaning against the banisters of Pyrmont Bridge after an early dinner. It had already been a lovely day out but the cherry on top of the cake was a long overdue catch-up session with an old friend over some chocolatey treats at the end of the day. 


Hot chocolate, not in a hug mug but equally comforting. 

A chocolate milkshake big enough to share, though you might just want it all to yourself. 

A slice of the Opera - with some gorgeous dark chocolate action going on.

A little something with a mild zing of cherries.

The amazing thing about food is how it always takes you on a journey, and very often, down memory lane. The Lindt Cafe brought back happy memories of carefree days spent in Eastern Europe, and of silly adventures involving bicycles and boxes of half-price desserts. Gleeful memories like that, coupled with the familiarity of an old friend - truly happy times.

So here's to you, and to the new year - may it be filled with happy times like these, good company, plenty of hugs, lots of warmth and more food stories to share.

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