Holiday foodsteps: Misschu Tuckshop CBD, Sydney

Since we were on a bit of a roll (pun intended!) already, we thought that it would only be right to pay homage to Miss Chu, Queen of Rice Paper Rolls.


Misschu CBD Tuckshop 
501 George St/ corner Bathurst
Sydney NSW 2000

It took a bit of walking around and going up and down elevators to find the tuckshop - and it really is a tuckshop, with tall stools around the counter and a few kindergarten-student-high tables and stools for patrons. We were hungry, having spent a bit more time than we thought hunting down the place, and were ready for some hearty Vietnamese fare.

Tiger prawn and green mango rice paper rolls - a light, refreshing start to the meal, with none of that raw texture and flavour that one sometimes encounters in rice paper rolls.

Wagyu beef pho, which was the reason we went hunting for the tuckshop in the first place, despite Miss Chu's Rice Paper Roll Queen status. Generous amounts of beef and a mellow, flavourful broth made the hunt worth it. 

Hanoi chicken curry, which reminded me of home.

Free range pork belly stew - tender chunks of pork belly, delicious gravy, greens and a fried hard boiled egg. This could have come right out of grandma's kitchen (and a Chinese one at that!) - I definitely wouldn't mind comfort food like that for a work-day lunch.

Vietnamese iced coffee, and a big grin. 

Misschu is perhaps on the slightly pricier end of things, considering its a tuckshop, but food is honest and wholesome - enough to make a bunch of hungry travelers really quite happy. 

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