JJ Kimbab, Star City, Kuantan

What used to be a patch of jungle beside my secondary school has now become Star City, a nice little hangout hub - to say that it's a far cry from the overgrown greenery from my school days is quite the understatement. The brother had been talking about a Korean place in Star City that he had become very fond of (lunch, almost three times a week!) for weeks and there's only so much talk you can bear before you relent and give it a go.

JJ Kimbab
A-7, Jalan Seri Kuantan 82, 
Kuantan Star City,
25300 Kuantan

Owned and run by a pleasant Korean couple, the restaurant serves up Korean fare that reminded us of our favourite Korean place in London. The setup is simple, tables that are equipped for hotpot meals and a conveyor belt in the middle of the restaurants for the Korean-style sushi. 

A trio of bottomless appetisers to whet the appetite - kimchi, fried crispy sweet-salty anchovies and peanuts and the pumpkin appetiser that I just couldn't get enough of.

Chicken kimchi stew - spicy and punchy, with a generous amount of ingredients, just the way we like it. A set comes with one bowl of rice and a drink, and is enough for two.

The daeng jang soup set provided a lovely counterbalance to the more fiery kimchi stew with its mellow, subtle flavour. 

Korean seafood pancake - one of those Korean restaurant must-haves. The one in JJ Kimbab is loaded with vegetables and bits of seafood, and dunked into the Korean soy sauce, it makes for a nice side nibble. I would probably have preferred it if it they had let it brown just a tiny bit more, though.

Apple and tomato juice - a refreshing combination that's quite uncommon and by the tastes of it, freshly squeezed with no added sugar. The equally refreshing iced peach tea is also popular.

Delicious Korean food at small town prices - it's no wonder that my brother has become a regular (he also highly recommends the under-RM 10 beef rice lunch set). It's always fun when you discover a little gem like this - I'm definitely going to have to return to sample their hotpot and barbecue, and yes, to collect more stamps on my rewards card too.

Korean in Kuantan - gotta love that progress.


  1. The chicken kimchi stew looks really spicy!!! =D

  2. Haha looks can be deceiving! It's actually a lot less fiery than it looks (but it definitely still has a good kick)

  3. Koreans are seriously everywhere! Gotta try this once I'm back :)

    1. Haha, who knows what else would have arrived in Kuantan by the time you go back next!

  4. hi, can u tell me where is the exact location of this restaurant? i'm new in kuantan,

    1. Hello! Hope you're settling into Kuantan well :) JJ Kimbab is in the area that's beside SMK Sultan Abu Bakar (and by SMK Abdul Rahman Talib (SMART))- there's a Tong Pak Fu and Old Town Kopitiam in that area too, if you're looking out for landmarks.

      The exact address of the place is at the beginning of the post. Hope this helps!

  5. hai im searching for korean food in kuantan area and i just found your blog ^^ . im also new in kuantan he he. i just want to ask is the food halal ?