Kimchi, anyone?

It's a load off our shoulders with deadlines out of the way and the Easter break finally starting. We decided a treat was due and randomly picked a country. After a quick phone call, some googling and a very long tube ride (what should have been a 15 minute bus ride turned into a complicated 35 minute journey through the London underground), we ended up on Tottenham Court Road. None of us ever knew that there was a little area tucked in the corner just behind Tottenham Court Road Station filled with Korean shops and restaurants. We picked the nearest one, an assuming little restaurant which we thought would be reasonably priced.

53 St. Giles High Street
020 7240 8256

I was sent in to enquire and was greeted by the delicious smell of Korean hotpot as soon as I opened the door. Needless to say, that sealed the deal. We were led down into the basement and given a room all to ourselves, with some added entertainment from what sounded like a very energetic karaoke session coming from the room next door.

Kimchi to start the ball rolling. I've always liked kimchi, something my dad got me started on. There's something about its spicy-sour flavour that really gets your appetite going. This came along with complimentary beansprout and seaweed side dishes.

Spicy stir-fried squid with rice.

Spicy stir-fried beef with rice

Spicy stir-fried seafood udong

It was very typical of us to pick out the spicy dishes on the menu. I guess you can never really take Malaysia out of a person. Despite similar sounding names, the stir-fried dishes were all different . I thoroughly enjoyed my spicy squid as the squid was not overcooked or rubbery and the seafood udong kept Anusha and Sapna very happy. I think there was a slight tangy flavour to everything that really complemented the spicyness. Nothing was too spicy but they all still had a nice kick to them.

Egg and vegetable hot pot

Hanad and his marinated beef ribs, oblivious to the world. He was still raving about them on the way home. There was something about the sweetness of the marinate that made the difference.

It would come as no surprise that we left the restaurant a happy, contented bunch. The prices were reasonable, as we had expected, with main meals starting from GBP 5.50.

I foresee many more visits to come.

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