Of early starts and conversations over milkshakes...

You know you've started your day early when you walk into a supermarket to see the shelves of the bakery section just being filled. I can think of no better time to be at the supermarket. (except perhaps at the end of the week when almost everything seems to be on promotion!). It's one of those things I find difficult to resist -the warm, sweet, buttery, chocolate-y smell of freshly baked pastries. Cinnamon rolls, cheese twists, filo pastries filled with vanilla and custard, soft buttery croissants, muffins of all kinds and all hot from the oven.

We found ourselves strolling along Trafalgar Square this morning, pastries in hand, enjoying the sunshine and the slight breeze.

For once, we were in no hurry to get to the shops on Oxford Street.

We capped off the day with a visit to our favourite milkshake parlour, Tinseltown, where I always take ages to decide on which of the 60 milkshake flavours I want. Every description sounds as sinful as the next and all equally yummy. Really, it's cruel to be forced to choose between flavours like Jaffa Cake and chocolate chip cookies.

I finally settled on the Aero Mint milkshake, made with dairy milk ice cream and chunks of the chocolate-mint Aero bar.

We sat comfortably in our booth by the corner, the milkshakes (one of which was the yummy Jammie Dodgers one) getting passed round the table as we talked about silly things.

And that's the best part about late-night milkshakes - we always, always share.

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