Plan B Roasters and The Gingerbread Man, B.I.G, Publika

Sundays are for giving into your whims - breakfast at noon, random nibbles for lunch, you get the picture. When a friend wanted to meet up for a catch up and a light bite on Sunday afternoon, I thought of the coffee bar and laid-back picnic tables that line one side of Ben's Independent Grocers.

Ben's Independent Grocers, 
UG - 1A, Publika

Cappuccinos from Plan B Roasters - foamy, flavourful and a satisfying afternoon pick-me-up (and don't you think the different coffee art patterns was a nice little touch?)

We were presented with the menus from B'Witched upon settling down at a table but decided to pick out our treats from the display counter over at the Gingerbread Man (the bakery section of the grocer) instead. Bakeries are hard to resist - enough said.

The Gingerbread Man has a nice array of (larger than normal) goodies to offer - one really does get a bit spoilt for choice. After some extensive hemming and hawing, we finally settled on a 50-50 split between sweet and savoury. Pictured here: the (slightly obscured) chicken curry bun, the wagyu and onion bun and a sugared doughnut. While not the best we've had, they were all still pleasantly light (yes, even the savoury buns) and sufficiently satisfying.

The English muffin - perhaps the largest English muffin I've ever seen. Pillowy soft, and oh-so-comforting eaten warm with the cream and jam.


I like the atmosphere they've managed to create in B.I.G - the slight hustle and bustle of people picking out groceries, the smell of coffee and baked goods, goodies on display everywhere you turn. Ahh, those clever, clever people behind B.I.G.

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