It's the little things: Super-duper-yummy

It was an instant reconnection - the colourful toffee and caramel flavoured sticks of ice cream and me. Upon tearing open the packet, you get a whiff of that sweet toffee-caramel, something that you get only if you pay very close attention, and something that I associate only with the Rainbow. I remember Wall's undergoing some rebranding some years ago, replacing the familiar lion with Mat Kool, the monkey and for some reason, the Rainbow wasn't quite the same. It's back though, and hopefully for good.

Oh, how I could go on and on about the delights of the Rainbow, but I'd suggest picking one up at the supermarket instead - trust me, it's the stuff that turns days around.

It's funny how despite all the fancy tubs of ice cream and copious amounts of Italian gelato that I've had since the days of the neighbourhood Paddle Pop ice cream man, nothing beats the comfort of a Wall's Paddle Pop Rainbow.

I guess that's because it's "Super, duper, yummy" ;)

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