Char Siu

Call me biased, but I think my mum makes the best char siu. None of the dry, reddish-pink tinged fare, this is the real deal - slightly sweet and sticky, moist and deliciously soft from the slow-cooking. The best part is that it's really a whole lot easier to make than I thought, a simple recipe that requires some patience and a little love.


Streaky pork
Soy sauce

The best cut of pork to use for this is the streakier bits as the thin slivers of fat between the meat will keep everything moist and lend it that melt-in-your mouth texture.
Marinade the pork in soy sauce, pepper and honey for 2 to 4 hours.
In a deep pan or wok, heat a small amount of oil (mum uses olive oil) and add to the oil the pork, marinade and all.
On medium heat, allow the marinade to start bubbling before turning down the heat to slowly cook the pork for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, keeping a close eye on it to ensure even cooking.

It goes to show that sometimes, it's the simplest recipes that are the best. I've never found anything to top this version of char siu yet. I'm beginning to think that I'm never going to and I'm definitely not complaining.

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