Holiday Foodsteps: Foh San, Ipoh

Foh San isn't a restaurant, it's an institution. It's an impressive structure and from what I've been told, a far cry from the small, crowded outlet that it used to be. With a setting not unlike a traditional Chinese teahouse, it's open-air concept really helps keep it from getting too stuffy.

Restoran Foh San

51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam
30300, Ipoh, Perak

Chin Toi

Yam Cake

This, I was completely taken by - lotus paste encased in a soft, chewy, glutinous shell.

I can see why Foh San enjoys such popularity - a wide selection of delicious morsels to be shared, well-made dim sum and an incredibly inviting atmosphere. With it's clever mix of traditional dim sum carts and self-service counters, there's almost no waiting time - good news for a bunch of hungry breakfast-seekers. I have to admit, they seemed to have everything covered - a take-away counter just outside the restaurant and lifts for the elderly. While a little more expensive than some other dim sum places, Foh San is well worth a visit.

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