Holiday Foodsteps: Nadeje, Malacca

After our Nyonya lunch (more on that in a coming post), I was given a choice of desserts - more traditional sweets (think cendol!) or the much talked about mille crepe over at Nadeje. Having never had mille crepe before, I picked the latter, curious to finally see what all the buzz was about.

G23 and 25
PM 4,
Plaza Mahkota,
75000 Melaka

"I think nothing beats Nadeje's original mille crepe"
One is greeted by a shiny display of several mille crepe varieties, ranging from mango yogurt to an interesting looking Malaccan one featuring gula Melaka. I didn't think that there would be so many to choose from, but my tour guide's little statement made narrowing down the choices just a little bit easier.

It's an interesting concept, the mille crepe - layers and layers of thin crepe alternate between smooth, fluffy cream and custard (or yogurt or gula Melaka), culminating in something that's quite like a light sponge cake. I have to admit that at first bite, my tastebuds were rather confused, and I promptly forgot that it wasn't really cake that I was digging into at all. My tour guide was right - the original mille crepe at Nadeje is really quite delightful, with a lovely vanilla flavour that really comes through.

The tiramisu mille crepe, with it's gorgeous looking cocoa-coffee top layer. While equally soft and light, the slice could have done with some stronger flavours, both in terms of the coffee and the cheese. Perhaps it really was just a case of the simplicity of the original slice coming out on top.

Nadeje also serves up tarts and a variety of beverages (one really does get a bit spolt for choice on that front). Unfortunately, a mess-up with our drink order resulted in us giving up on waiting for our drinks. Better luck next time, I suppose.

It was the interior, though, that surprised me the most - one gets a choice of enjoying the fresh air out on the terrace, or indulging in the sweet treats at a table right by the display and coffee bar, or even in a more decadently decorated area which features comfy sofas and quirky looking chairs. We were given a little corner right by the window, all to ourselves - ahh, we were a happy trio, lazing around on our quirky seats, glad to be out of the Jonker street heat. And yes, the slices of mille crepe definitely didn't hurt.

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