A Sneak Peak: Chilli's Bar & Grill, Paradigm Mall

Trial runs and sneak peeks don't come along very often yet there I was, seated at a table at the just-about-to-open Chilli's Grill & Bar in Paradigm Mall, eager to see what the new addition to the Chilli's family had to offer.

Chilli's Grill & Bar,
GB 01 (Ground Floor), 
Paradigm Mall
1, Jalan SS 7/26A,
Kelana Jaya, 47301
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 

 While the full menu wasn't available for the trial run, the full range of drinks and most of the crowd favourites, food-wise, were available.

Tender and flavourful, the Southwestern Grilled Lamb

The New York Strip, which got a nod of approval from my dinner buddy.

The El Nino Margarita - such a good-looking cocktail, don't you think? 

The dinner buddy - savouring his last morsel of beef. 

The Tropical Sunrise Margarita

Chilli's has always been rather popular for their margaritas (oh, those huge servings!) and while both margaritas were satisfying, the El Nino Margarita came out on top for me (so much so, I ended up swapping drinks with my dinner buddy).

For dessert, cheesecake served over strawberry sauce. Smooth creamy cheese, addictive biscuit base (I think I'm going to start extending the biscuit base up to the sides of all my cheesecakes now) - a lovely end to the meal.

The new outlet seems to be off to a good start - service was smooth, the staff friendly and the food up to par. I think it's safe to say that it's going to do its older siblings proud.

Officially opens its doors on Friday, 21st September 2012. 

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