Holiday Foodsteps: Honeymoon Dessert, Bugis Junction

"That's my favourite dessert place! I tried some desserts when I was in Hong Kong!"
One of my travel buddies is rarely excited about anything, so this spoke volumes. 

We'd spotted Honeymoon Dessert pretty early into our excursion to the Bugis area. Bugis Junction was still sleepy then, with the shutters of most shops (including this particular one) still down. We spent most of the morning wandering around Bugis, watching the area come alive bit by bit. It was noon by the time we found ourselves back in Bugis Junction, ready to settle down to lunch.

Yes, being on holiday gives you an excuse to have dessert for lunch - not dessert WITH lunch but JUST dessert for lunch.

We were disappointed to find that the outlet wasn't open yet but as I had my nose was pressed up against the glass, desperately trying to peer into the restaurant for any indication of opening times, a young lady strolled past, heading straight for the door - we were Honeymoon Dessert's very first customers for the day.

Honeymoon Dessert
#01-70, 200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction, 
Singapore (188021)

From the traditional end of the scale - double boiled papaya and snow fungus. A little something to make you feel like you're home.

The menu is extensive - the hot and cold, the traditional and the more innovative. Choosing is difficult, and while my travel buddies seemed to have been able to make their choices pretty quickly, I was stumped.

Tofu pudding with mango, one of the many tofu pudding combinations available.

What one orders when one cannot decide - red bean and grass jelly, topped with green tea ice cream. They managed to create something out of all my favourite Asian dessert elements (perhaps the only thing missing is something soy-based). It was quite a triumph of a combination - everything from the lovely green tea ice cream to the not-too-sweet red bean.

Hong Kong style dessert outlets like these have become quite the rage nowadays (much to might delight), though I've never had this red bean, grass jelly, green tea ice cream concoction in Kuala Lumpur yet. Am open to recommendations!

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