Desserts at KTZ, SS2

So what does one do after a meal at New Paris? - one simply hops into the car for a short drive round the bend to KTZ to satisfy the sweet tooth. Sure, we'd just had a huge dinner, but there's always room for dessert, especially if is it's a KTZ one (besides, a birthday celebration should end on a sweet note, no?).

22 Jalan SS2/63,
Petaling Jaya
Telephone: +603 7877 2499

We'd had a rather disappointing round of after-lunch desserts at the Mid Valley Megamall Tong Pak Fu branch just earlier that day so we were hoping that KTZ would make up for it, show us how it's really done.

Red bean lou - for all those red bean-inclined people (read: me). The crunchy, roasted cashews add a lovely crunch to the somewhat creamy red bean and sago combination - I was sold at first bite. 

The ever popular mango lou - I reckon that no table would be complete without at least one of these at the table. They're always generous with the large, sweet, juicy chunks of mango - and topped with the little mountain of shaved ice and sago, it really does make for an extremely satisfying dessert. 

Mat Tou Lou - a large serving of mango lou with a few extras thrown in, as the name suggests. 

They really did show us how it was done, serving up desserts that were a far cry from the watered-down fare that we had in Tong Pak Fu. Their warm desserts are also pretty satisfying, for those days when you feel like a comforting bowl of mung bean or black glutinous rice dessert. KTZ serves up savouries as well, though, I say that desserts are clearly their forte.

The little brother, all smiles, with his mat tou lou. 

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