Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo

It's one of the first things you see as you enter the Jalan Ipoh area from the Segambut roundabout - the bungalow that serves up yong tau foo in the day, turns into a steamboat joint at night and which never seems to be without a crowd.

Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo
67 Jalan Segambut, 
Segambut, 51200, Kuala Lumpur

The yong tau foo menu is simple and focused, and ordering is as simple as ticking a sheet and handing it to one of waitresses. Served in a simple Hakka-style gravy, the goodies are fresh and don't even need the accompanying chilli and sweet sauces.

Fried to a delicious, addictive crispyness, the fried sui kow and fried bean curd rolls are probably my favourite items on the menu, especially after a quick dip into the gravy. One can also order sui kow in soup - I would recommend getting both versions.

The bungalow is also home to a few stalls so it's not just about yong tau foo. In fact, one of the first things you smell as you step out of the car is the incredible aroma of freshly baked Chinese pastries. 

There's really no better marketing tool then the smell of baking goods and this stall is testament to that. Batch after batch of buns and puffs of all sorts are periodically pulled out of the oven - oh so hard to resist.

My favourite add-on to the yong tau foo, however, is the stuffed tofu (yes, even more tofu!). With remarkably crisp, toasted pieces of tofu, generous stuffing, delicious crushed peanuts and an incredible sauce - I daresay that I've never had stuffed tofu quite like this anywhere else.

 The stuffed tofu stall also sells steamed groundnuts - stuff that's straight out of childhoods.

Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu has become one of my favourite places for lunch - service is quick, prices and decent and with stuffed tofu like that, I couldn't not be a fan.

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  1. I come here once a while for lunch. I love their fried YTF and we always tar pau some buns back to the office. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm following your blog now. =)