Cendol Air Putih

The best thing to have on a hot afternoon (or any afternoon, for that matter) in Kuantan is an ice cold bowl of cendol campur. There's a cheery looking bright yellow corner shop that serves up my favourite cendol and ABC. Ibrahim cendol has been there for as long as I can remember, starting out as a simple stall in that same corner, slowing expanding into a shop with a few tables and chairs. Their delicious treats used to keep us going during those after school extra classes, a pick me up to help us through BM lessons in the afternoon heat. 

Cendol Air Putih (Ibrahim Cendol)
B-260E, Jalan Air Putih, 25300, Kuantan, Pahang 

This particular Saturday afternoon, we wanted our cendol fix but decided it was far too hot to brave the outdoors so we made a quick stop at our favourite little shop to pick up our afternoon goodies, to be enjoyed within the comforts of home. The cendol campur is the perfect blend of sweet and salty, with those delicious red beans complementing the generous amount of cendol. The ABC employs the same concept of simplicity, striking just the right balance of flavours. Takeaways come in two forms: packed in the more traditional plastic bags or in the more practical plastic cups ala bubble tea. If you decide to have your cendol or ABC at the outlet, the jumbo serving is worth getting whether its to share or simply because you feel like it.

The also sell a small array of savoury snacks - I love their crispy, flaky curry puffs. 

Simple and fresh, the pulut ikan and udang are also crowd pleasers. The pulut udang in particular, sell out pretty early in the day so its best to go by about 1pm if you want any.

Ibrahim cendol doesn't boast the treasure trove of ingredients that cendol in Penang has but if you've grown up in Kuantan, chances are, it'll have a special place in your heart. They've managed to keep their treats tasting just as they did when I was a school-going child and prices have not changed much either so if you happen to be in Kuantan and are on the lookout for a little something (yummy) to remind you of the simpler days, this is just the place to visit.

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