Holiday Foodsteps: The other bits of NYC

There's food everywhere in New York City - hotdog stands and gyro trucks at every corner, little cafes, huge barbeque eateries. For me, they were all part of the experience, like pieces of a big puzzle. While they don't warrant a post each, these little snippets are still part of the story. So what you're going to get is a summary, in a way, of what else I was up to in the city.

Dinner in Little Italy

I remember how beautiful the weather was as we took a walk through Chinatown and into Little Italy. The sun was still out when we decided to settle down in one of the many restaurants in the area for dinner - we dined al fresco, enjoying the slight breeze and the atmosphere in Little Italy. Lobster pasta in pink cream sauce, a seafood salad and sunset - it seemed like the perfect end to the day.

Saying hello to (a different sort of) Lady Liberty

M&M's World
1600 Broadway
New York, NY 10019-7413, United States

We were taking in the view in Times Square on our first night in New York City when we spotted M&M's World, tucked in one of the corners of the square. I loved how you smell chocolate as soon as you walk in, how there is a wall with rows and rows of M&M's in any colour you can think of and how you just feel like squeezing those adorable M&M cushions.

Sharing a humongous ice cream float over a barbecue lunch

Famous Dave's BBQ
171 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10036-1503, United States

One thing's for certain - in America, food portions are huge. At Famous Dave's BBQ, it really was no different. For one, the ice cream float came with its own jug (yes, I kid you not) of rootbeer and my serving of Dave's Sassy BBQ Salad with Georgia Chopped Pork was so big that I had to have it over two meals. The tender, flavourful, chopped pork and crispy shoestring potatoes made them two very good meals, though. I have to admit, after catching a glimpse at how much people on other tables were wolfing down, the fact that I had to take away more than half my salad made me feel a tiny bit like a wuss.

Lunch at a German Pub

Hallo Berlin
744 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10019, United States

We had close to a whole day to kill before our flight back to London and after checking out, we wanted to grab a bite some place close. We stumbled upon this quiet German pub with a little beer garden at the back and thought that we might as well enjoy some sunshine out in the beer garden while we dug into lunch. Food turned out to be surprisingly good - for me, a lunch special of a currywurst, german fries, red wine cabbage and a roll and for my two travel buddies, rollmops with similar sides. I fell in love with the German fries and red wine cabbage almost immediately - those delicious little morsels of potato that taste like they had been cooked with a dash of curry powder and the soft, slightly sweet cabbage made a good pairing. While I opted for a tall glass of cold cranberry juice to wash down my lunch, the other two decided to give one of the recommended beers a go and judging by their reactions, it was a pretty good recommendation.

There we go - the other little bits of my New York City adventure. Ahh, New York, New York.

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