Holiday Foodsteps: Dylan's Candy Bar, NYC

So you've managed to get your name on the waiting list at Serendipity 3 and have a bit of time to kill before your time slot, you could head to Bloomingdales or you could be like us and head to Dylan's Candy Bar instead.

Dylan's Candy Bar
1011 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10021.
United States

If Willy Wonka had a Chocolate Factory in this day and age, I'd expect it to look a bit like Dylan's Candy Bar. Just a stone's throw away from Serendipity 3, it's the perfect place to get warmed up for all the desserts that you're bound to have at the restaurant.

It's every kid's dream really - three floors of confectionery, some conventional and some just a little bit quirkier. The interior is fun and whimsical, just the sort of thing you'd want a candy store to look like.

For the people who absolutely cannot live without their meat, I suppose. Probably best paired with the bacon flavoured chocolate.

These are what some dreams are made off - a bathtub full of gumballs.

If fudge is more your style, there's a fudge bar on the lowest floor which has something for everyone. Trust me, those swirly, colourful chunks of fudge are pretty difficult to resist.

The top floor houses a little cafe which serves up cakes, ice cream and other little desserts.

The candy bar doesn't just carry store-brand confectionery but a whole host of other brands as well so it does take awhile to get through the store (not that there are any complaints there, of course). I think there'll always be a kid in everyone of us, no matter how old we get and if you take a look around Dylan's Candy Bar you'd see how true that really is.

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