AhKing Bar & Restaurant

There are not very many options when it comes to brunch on a Sunday morning in central London. We stumbled out of the flat into the dreary weather, eyes still a little bleary and voices not completely recovered from the Goo Goo Dolls concert, to find that unlike us, the rest of London was mostly still asleep. We finally decided on AhKing after a quick call to the restaurant to make sure that it was open (Oh, the joys of mobile internet!).

AhKing Bar & Restaruant
31-33 Bloomsbury Way
Tel: 020 7404 8359
Open Daily: 11 am - 11 pm

We resisted temptation and decided that a hotpot meal would be far too much for the both of us, even if it seemed perfect for the weather. Instead, we opted for the set lunch - a choice of a main meal with either sweet corn soup or the soup of the day.

Seafood Loh Mein

My pick - Roast duck and rice (although, to be fair, what I really asked for was roast duck and noodles but when you're that hungry on a Saturday morning, you just take whatever comes your way). While the duck couldn't rival the more well-known Bayswater versions, it was good enough. I also really appreciated the side of vegetables that came with it.

The soup of the day - carrot and preserved vegetables, just the thing for a gloomy day.

With pretty good food, decent prices and a student discount, I feel like I really should have been introduced to AhKing a lot earlier. I suppose it's a case of it being better late than never.

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