Nothing in between.

"You're crazy"
I remember a particular scene from my childhood in which I offered some Marmite on cream crackers to my cousin only to have her take a bite and call me crazy.

They say that with Marmite, things are black and white - you either hate it or love it. I fall into the latter category, having grown up on a generous dose of Marmite. As far as I can remember, Sunday afternoons at home were reserved for teochew style porridge, crispy fried fish, stir-fried tofu, braised pork and for me, a big helping of Marmite to go with it all.

After having moved away from the Sunday afternoon routine, I had forgotten how addictive Marmite can be - it's that unique taste that no one can seem to put into words. There's been a recent ignition of the love for Marmite, with Sapna and I slathering it on toast on a daily basis and me using it in my cooking.

Some people say that chicken soup is good for the soul. I say they haven't had a hot bowl of Marmite soup.

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