Stop. Breathe.

You've just dealt with a toughie of a paper, and you've still got one to go. You're exhausted, mentally and physically. What do you do when you get a brief respite? Chances are you'll head on over to one of your favourites, your tried and tested, the one that never disappoints.

I think it's called a time-out, needing to step away from the game for awhile just to refuel and regroup. Bayswater's Gold Mine is one of those never-let-you-down places for us so when someone suggested that we take a break from everything for some roast duck, we simply couldn't say no.

As always, the main feature was the duck - this time whole, bones and all. I won't go into detail because I have here. What I realised, however, is that no matter how many times you've had it, there's always that "Oh, wow" moment when you take your first bite. Every single time.

They also serve some of the best roast pork around. Crispy tops and thick slices - just the way I like it.

The simple and incredibly tender stir-fried kailan.

Recommended by the staff, Pei Pah Tofu. The tofu patties, made from tofu and a mix of vegetables I think, made for an interesing dish.

So you kick back, relax, enjoy the food and just leave all your worries at home. Conversation is lighthearted as gossip is shared in hushed tones and you even manage to squeeze in a few games of air hockey and Tap Tap Revenge before the food is served. After your complimentary plate of sliced oranges, you get the bill and head down the road for some frozen yogurt. You take your time, savouring every bit of the refreshingly delicious yogurt and you head home happy and with a little more hope and optimism.

Sometimes you don't need adventure or excitement. Sometimes, you just need the comfort of good food and good friends. It's a good escape, even if just for a little while.

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