Because even the shopaholics need to eat.

Bicester Village is every girl's dream - a whole area dedicated to brand outlet stores and with it being just an hour from london by train, it's shopping heaven. Food is probably the last thing on most people's minds in Bicester Village but it's definitely not for this foodie. The shopping area itself has a few dining options but if you want something a bit more interesting than Pret a Manger or Starbucks, there's a cosy Hungry Horse pub a stone's throw away from the outlet stores that lets you get away from the crowd.

The Acorn
Pingle Drive,

OX26 6WB

Fish pie has quickly become one of my favourite pub meals after my introduction to it in Nottingham. Like most of the other fish pies that I've had, this one was made up of smoked salmon and haddock. I have come to realise that fish pies seem to differ in style from place to place, some being drier than others. This was one of those drier ones with a thick layer of mash on the top. While it was pretty good for its price, one of the comments was that it didn't contain quite enough fish.

Roast chicken with stuffing, mash, peas and vegetables. Diana particularly enjoyed the creamy mash, eaten with a good helping of gravy.

The classic - fish and chips (or in this case, fish and mash). I am definitely a mushy peas person, which is surprising as I had a pretty strong dislike for them when I was younger. Goes to show that some things just grow on you.

An absolute must-have at The Acorn is the Ultimate Candymania. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream, Twix, Maltesers, Stars, Smarties, brownies and whipped cream in a bowl as big as someone's head - it's one of those desserts that were made for sharing. We loved the brownies, those chewy, chocolatey brownies that had an almost crunchy crust.

"Oh my, I think the ice cream has brought my appetite back!"

While the food isn't spectacular, The Acorn is a pleasant alternative to sandwiches and on-the-go food. Not having to venture far from the shopping area is a definite plus point and the cosy setting is a relaxing escape from the stress of bargain-hunting.

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