Ready, set, go!

It was one of those crazy student-type ideas: "Hey, let's see if we can each finish 20 McNuggets!" I think this is what happens when all there is to life is work - people would do anything to have a laugh and the thought of going up to the counter at McDonald's and ordering 60 nuggets at one go was entertaining enough.

And so, the "Nugget Challenge" was born.

We set the scene up - boxes of nuggets open and packets of sauce ready to be dipped into. To be fair, it was not a race of any sort, just a little challenge to see if we could go through a box of 20 nuggets without getting tired of the chewing, or the taste.

It was no surprise at all that the boys went through the box like lightning, followed by yours truly. In all honesty, a box of 20 is far less filling than we thought it would be and the nuggets do have a somewhat addictive quality. Only Diana, the original challenger, had a moment of weakness at some point. Perhaps it was a case of underestimation on our part.

We were left pretty full, pretty contented and very much hoping that McDonald's wasn't lying when they said that the nuggets were made from 100% chicken breast.

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