When all you need is brunch

The thing about Saturday morning brunch is that you're always in good spirits - chances are you've had a good lie-in and there's the rest of the weekend to look forward to (as opposed to the slight melancholy you feel on Sunday mornings). The kitchen slowly comes to life as everyone emerges from their rooms still clad in pyjamas and soon, the smell of toast and fried eggs fills the air. There's happy, lighthearted chatter, punctuated by toast popping out of the toaster and sizzling from the pans.

Food ranges from the typical cereal and toast to the more offbeat choices of egg fried noodles with sambal and tomato soup. No matter what you've chosen to have on that particular Saturday morning, you always settle down, get much too comfortable and before you know it, it's past noon and you wonder where all the time has gone.

But see, that's the beauty of it - why rush when you've got the rest of the weekend ahead of you?

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