Holiday Foodsteps: Pancakes on the Rocks, Sydney

I thought I'd take a little break from all the Chinese New Year festivities and give Pancake Tuesday a belated nod, because well, pancakes really do deserve a day dedicated to them. I love pancakes of all kinds - I think it's just the whole concept of having a empty, open slate, ready to be topped with anything your heart fancies. I remember celebrating Pancake Days with quite a flourish (no pun intended!) in university - we'd line up our selection of toppings, everything from Nutella to pesto and shrimp sambal, and churn out pancake after pancake.

I love how versatile pancakes are - and how well they hold up against both sweet and savoury (as well as a combination of the both) toppings. We were told about Pancakes On The Rocks before leaving for Sydney and it immediately made it onto our list of must-eats.

Pancakes On The Rocks (Darling Harbour)
227 & 229-230 Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour


We were greeted by rain as we stepped out of our hotel that morning - trudging across the bridge, clutching out umbrellas, we were really, really looking forward to a hearty pancake breakfast. 

Ice cream for breakfast? Over here, it's perfectly acceptable. 

An Aussie Sunrise, to brighten up a gloomy morning - fluffy pancakes, a grilled banana and pineapple ring, bacon, scrambled eggs, whipped butter and syrup. Everything you need to get you going for a day of sight-seeing. (Also, I simply cannot stress how much I love having the best of both sweet and savoury breakfast worlds on one plate. How is it that syrup just goes with everything?)

Mexican Potato - potato and onion pancakes, Mexican-inspired beef, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa, for a slightly different start to the day. 

Pesto and pinenut pizza crusts - for those of us (me included) who think that the best part of a pizza is its crunchy ends. 

And of course, a foam-capped cup of coffee to wash it all down. 

So here's to you, pancakes, you delightful little things.

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