Journal by Plan B, Publika

Journal by Plan B literally has that old school feel to it with its shelves of typewriters and chemistry lab beakers. We thought we'd give it a go for a lazy Sunday brunch and even with the rest of Publika still quiet and rather empty, a line had formed at the entrance of Journal. After a short wait, we settled down by the multiple television screens showing an old P. Ramlee movie and got going on the daunting task of deciding what to eat.

The brother was torn between the prime beef pie and the steak sandwich and after much fickle-mindedness, he finally settled on the sandwich, something he gobbled up rather quickly and didn't share.

The breakfast club sandwich - a nice mix of the classic breakfast items and delicious extras like the avocado feta mash. Should come with a warning : For big appetites.

Chicken pie - hearty and flavourful, with well made pastry. 

I have fond memories of a little place near the Holborn underground station that not only gives student discounts but also makes an amazing Moroccan-inspired lamb sandwich. I've had a soft spot for Middle-eastern inspired lamb sandwiches ever since, so when I spot a sandwich up of Moroccan spiced lamb, tzatziki and halloumi, it's a simple choice. While the Moroccan lamb sandwich at Journal isn't quite the juicy, hearty mess of a sandwich that the one in Holborn is, it's still pretty good. 

For dessert, a serving of banoffee pie to share (which really means a forkful each for the parents and I, and the rest for the growing child that's my brother). A pleasant (read: not overly sweet) end to the meal. 

Sandwiches and burgers are served with a portion of salad and a generous helping of homemade chips. I'm generally not a fan of chips but the four root vegetable chips have become my favourite bit of Journal. It's a cozy place, this one, great for those days where you just feel like taking your time.

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