Holiday Foodsteps: Wienerwald, Vienna

Settling into Vienna didn't go exactly as planned - checking-in involved a construction site for an entrance and a bathroom that started flooding so yes, not great. We left the apartment in search for lunch, with hopes that we'd return later in the day to find that everything was sorted. While we eventually had to move to a hotel (situated right on the shopping street so it really was a blessing in disguise for us), we did manage to sit down to a nice lunch right by Stephansplatz.

Goldschmiedgasse 6,
Vienna 1010, Austria

We found a whole row of restaurants on Goldschmiedgasse, all promising a good, traditional Viennese Schnitzel. We decided on the brightly (green) coloured Wienerwald. Hungry from our travels and from the drama that came with trying to check-in, we found a table on the lively terrace and quickly got down to the business of ordering.

Our first encounter with the Wiener Schnitzel in the city it was named after was a good one. The dish is a simple one, equivalent to Britain's fish and chips but breaded, less greasy, served with slim fries and not fish, of course. The dish seems unassuming but I suspect that there must be a great deal of  skill involved to making sure that the flattened meat is even so that it's perfectly cooked.

Roast pork with gravy, dumplings and sauerkraut. The pork was moist and flavourful - paired with the sauerkraut (which I always absolutely love) and you've got a winning combination. 

Wienerwald also gave us our first taste of Viennese Ribs - nicely roasted and served with those curry-flavoured potatoes that I fell in love with at the German pub in New York City, we knew that we'd have to have more ribs before our holiday was through. 

Wienerwald is located right in the heart of the city, close to a lot of the spots that you're likely to end up in if you are a tourist. Sure, the prices are not to lowest in town but food is satisfying and with a location like that, it's hard to complain.   

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