Holiday Foodsteps: More duck in Prague

While we didn't have anymore accordion-accompanied meals while we were in Prague, we still sat down to some good food. I love that food there is honest and hearty - dishes that truly warm the heart and satisfy. I remember having dinner at a rustic beer house on our second night there. Smoke filled and with wooden furnishings, it felt a little bit like being in a log cabin up in the mountains. We had taken a chance with this place, having stumbled upon it on the net - it promised authentic food and a local feel, away from the more touristy spots. Unfortunately, it was so off the beaten track that I cannot seem to recall the name of the restaurant or which road it is on - it's funny because I can still imagine sitting in our booth at the corner of the restaurant, tucking into some amazing food.

Potato pancakes topped with goat's cheese.

Ribs. Enough said.

Yes, more Bohemian duck. We knew we had to have the duck one more time before we said goodbye to Prague but were afraid that after the lovely duck we had at the Plzenska Beer Hall, any subsequent ones would pale in comparison. I don't know if Prague as a city just really knows how to cook it's duck or if we were twice lucky but this topped even the one we had the previous night. Half a duck appeared at our table - more tender and served with red cabbage that was even more addictive than before. While props still goes to Plzenska's duck in terms of skin-crispiness, this one wins in terms of flavour and texture.

After all our main courses, we were stuffed but couldn't resist dessert (it goes into a separate section of the stomach!). We went with crepes an ice cream, something that seemed to be a local favourite.

I find it amusing that I remember the meal so well - the smell of the place, the childish delight we all felt when our little mountain of food arrived at the table, the conversations that we were having, the way the duck-dumpling-cabbage-gravy combination tasted. I just cannot seem to remember the name of the place. I suppose that's the power of a great meal.

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