"Lord of all Biscuits"

The rich tea biscuit is everything that a decadent chocolate chip cookie is not - it's light as a feather and is perfectly capable of just blending into the background. They are probably just a step up in terms of standout ability from cream crackers. In fact, until about a year ago, I always thought that rich tea biscuits were made from tea extracts or something along those lines.

It's funny how these things quietly sneak up on you - one day after having my very first rich tea biscuit out of lack of choice, I fell helplessly in love with the simple wallflower of a biscuit. To think that I had been missing out all this while.

So if you, like me pre-rich-tea-enlightenment, always pick the more attractive looking cookies from the middle shelf at the supermarket over the plain janes stacked in the bottom row, I say give those plain janes a go - you might be pleasantly surprised.

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