From home, with love

"Is this your annual Chinese New Year package?"

The housemates filter into the room this morning to find me peering into a large box, bubble wrap, newspapers and brown paper strewn across the room. Yes, the annual Chinese New Year care package.

This is my version of Christmas morning - eagerly tearing into the package to see what my parents have decided to include in this year's installment. Oh, how I love a good surprise!

Cookies (if you could call them that) galore.

As always, the contents of the care package are somewhat random and I can almost imagine my family picking up little tidbits here and there to build the package. I suppose, in a way, most things are atypical - none of the usual packets of curry powder or quick sauces. Instead, one would find munchies that remind me of my childhood and of course, the little things that belong on the cookie table during Chinese New Year.

Sometimes I forget how well my family knows me.

Care packages - don't you just love them?

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