Because it's Friday, everyday

It came down to a choice between Friday's and Nando's as we made our way from the train station to the city. With neither of us having been to Friday's before (and with pork constantly topping Gary's list), it was an easy choice. We pushed open the double doors and settled ourselves comfortably by the window on that rather quiet Monday afternoon.

With the both of us having heard so much about the ribs, ordering was a no-brainer.

I picked Friday's BBQ ribs while Gary went for the more adventurous sounding Jack Daniel's Ribs. The half-rack of ribs came with chips, Cajun-battered onion rings and a tangy smokey BBQ sauce and the Jack Daniel's sauce respectively. The ribs had a fall-off-the-bone-melt-in-your-mouth sort of tenderness and the sauces were perfect complements to them.

The ribs were good enough for a return visit the next day. This time, we had the option of picking a combination from the Take 2 menu, two courses for 9.99 GBP (with a 3.49 GBP top-up to upgrade to some of the more popular main courses).

I opted not to go with the ribs and instead, picked the Cajun-Spiced Chicken Quesadilla as my main. Chargrilled chicken, Colby cheese, onions and peppers came in flour tortillas alongside Cajun-spiced rice, pico de gallo and some Southwest sour cream. I loved the tangy cheese that held the tortillas together but was not a particularly big fan of the rice which I thought was rather dry.

I don't think the thought of not having the ribs even entered Gary's mind as he immediately went for a full rack of Jack Daniel's ribs which he polished off with absolutely no difficulty at all.

"But the chocolate one sounds nicer, right?"
Chocolate was the name of the game when it came to dessert choices with the both of us abandoning the idea of getting two contrasting desserts pretty quickly.

Chocolate Fudge Fixation - rich chocolate and fudge sandwiched between three layers of chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on the side.

Chocolate Brownie Temptation - warm, gooey slices of brownies with hot fudge topping and vanilla ice cream.

Dessert probably couldn't have gotten any more indulgent than that - there's just something about warm hot fudge and chocolate that puts a smile on my face. After our rather huge mains, we had a bit of trouble finishing dessert and I do admit that the vanilla ice cream was quite imperative to striking the sweetness balance. Still, I couldn't think of a better way to end the meal.

One thing's for sure though, when at Friday's, go for the ribs and you'll never go wrong.

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