More of that American feel

Keeping with the all-American theme, we picked a diner aptly called The Diner for lunch after our visit to Central Perk. It was a matter of convenience more than anything as it was one of the first eateries that we spotted as we hurried out of Central Perk and into the rain.
We were definitely pleasantly surprised with this one, and not just because it was a warm, inviting change to the miserable outdoors.

The Diner
18 Ganton Street

In the style of days gone by, the place had a kind of charm to it with cosy booths, an old-fashioned bar and waiters that dressed the part. I could almost imagine a 1950's Archie, Betty and Veronica sipping milkshakes by the counter.

There was a pretty good selection of typical diner fare on the menu - burgers, sandwiches, omelettes and of course, milk shakes.

The Monte Cristo Sandwich - chicken, ham and cheese sandwiched between two slices of French toast, served with bananas and blueberries in syrup. As always, I went with what I thought was the most interesting combination. It proved to be quite a good choice - a bit like having breakfast and lunch at the same time.

Qiu Jhin's Calamity Jane Omelette - the never-fail sausage, pepper and cheese combo with a side of toast.

Prices are slightly higher than what we're used to but for a once-in-awhile treat after a day of shopping, it's well worth a visit.

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