When nothing comes close.

This is my ultimate, my absolute favourite, king of my heart. It's my yardstick for curry noodles and so far, nothing has come close.

Restoran Hoi Yin
Teluk Cempedak

The curry is nothing short of amazing - a nice consistency, just spicy enough, and not overpowered by coconut milk, probably what I like most about it. One can taste the sweetness of the gravy, most likely made from fresh chicken. I love the pieces of chicken, boiled to such succulent perfection that it holds its own even in the spicy curry. The fantastic flavours speak volumes about the freshness of the ingredients, everything from the fishballs and cockles to the delightful tauhu pok that are like little parcels of gravy.

It definitely doesn't hurt that it's located by the beach. The relaxed atmosphere, the smell of the sea - I say there's no better way to start the day. I have fond memories of the place, of breakfasts after a good game of tennis and walks on the beach after, of trading stories and catching up. I knew at first bite, that it was going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

"Uncle, kari min, barley peng!"

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